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Introducing a new 80% lower at 5D Tactical! We’re now offering an 80% curved lower receiver that allows for easier mag insertion and faster reloads.

With some material cut away it also offers some weight reduction which shooters can be glad to take advantage of buy anodized 80 lower, 80% lower jig for sale, 5d tactical 80 lower for sale, 5d tactical jig polymer for sale buy 80% lower jig online.

Our premium billet AR-15 lower has been designed with DIY builders in mind to ensure the simple and effortless installation of your AR-15 lower parts kits components. Also, this one is raw so you can apply your own desired color and coating to it – builder’s choice.


Our Billet AR-15 80% Lower Receiver is a lightweight design, combining the look and feel of a Mil-Spec lower, with unique styling features only available with billet lower receivers. Several visual enhancements have been made to the classic Mil-Spec lower, offering a clean and unique approach to 80% lower design. Our unique AR lowers are precision CNC machined using only state of the art equipment and manufacturing procedures .

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our manufactured products, ensuring that your build will be of top-notch quality. Start building your own 80 lower receiver now, without the need for a Federal Firearms License. Remember to always abide by federal, state, and local laws prior to purchasing 80% lower jig for sale online.

Our lightweight billet 80% lower receiver comes with the look and feel of a mil-spec lower with some visual advancements and unique styling features. Custom-designed to meet your needs, the 5D Tactical AR-15 lower receiver is all you need to complete your build. You get features that include:


    1. Precision CNC Machined Using State of the Art Equipment
    2. 5D Tactical Exclusive Unique Lightweight Design
    3. Aluminum 6061 construction
    4. Broached (curved) and flared mag well for faster reloading
    5. Safety Selector Pictogram Engraving
    6. Accepts all Mil-Spec parts
    7. Flared Magazine Well
    8. Threaded Bolt Catch
    9. Threaded Bolt Catch Screw Included!
    10. Wide Trigger Guard
    11. Pre-milled Rear Shelf
    12. Integrated Trigger Guard
    13. Rounded Buffer Tube Extension
    14. Raw Machine Precision Finishing

Buy anodized 80 lower, 80% lower jig for sale, 5d tactical 80 lower for sale, 5d tactical jig polymer for sale. Discreet overnight delivery.


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5 reviews for AR-15 80% LOWER – BILLET 6061-T6 – CURVED – RAW ALUMINUM

  1. Robert Huston

    There were a number of the magazines available in the same model on 5D Tactical so I had a good feel for what the maximum market bid price should be. This gave me the opportunity to select the best price for the magazines, including shipping. I was also able to not consider sellers that did not have favorable reviews.

  2. Paul Hillton

    You guys do great, the things I would ask to improve … is that #1.You guys be more involved with shipping … monitoring sellers to have them get and send shipping info to the BUYER and the FFL. …#2. Most important!!!
    That’s it, bought 4 of my last 6 weapons from you, cause you’re good and dependable! Thanks

  3. Joseph Merrick

    Checkout system was easy to use, follow. Provided all information needed on how to contact seller and send payment. Could monitor status of transaction the entire way through to completion.

  4. David Prince

    I enjoy the selection of firearms, accessories, and many other items that are available. The rules of the website are clear and just. The process is efficient. I don’t think that I could create a better idea for shopping for and purchasing. I do believe that there should be less jumping to the conclusion of buyers being labeled as non paying buyers before judgment and restrictions are levied. And a review process should be implemented to allow people who have been non paying buyers to have their accounts restored after certain periods of time.

  5. Andrew Bernette

    Seller answered my question promptly and to my satisfaction. Checkout was faultless and the item was delivered in good time. OME for an old pistol, it was in excellent condition and was exactly what I wanted. Perfect transaction.

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